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About Us

Audit Corporate is auditing firm with corporate standards under an approach of discipline and professional ethics.

Our Firm has professionals in auditing and bookkeeping guided under the high-quality approach, which allows us adding value to our services.

Ser una empresa con altos niveles de competitividad, que mantenga estándares internacionales, bajo un modelo de excelencia en la prestación de los servicios.

Mantenernos como una solución integral en la búsqueda de la excelencia del conocimiento para prestación de nuestros servicios.

The Company begins its operations with the intention of offering financial auditing services with a different approach in relation to the existing firms in the Ecuadorian market.

At the beginning of this year, the firm got its certification of an Auditing Firm from the Superintendence of Companies and initiated the search of a brand and image that identifies, in reliable way, the integration of its services.

The Firm accomplished its official launch to the public in Guayaquil through a cocktail party in a city´s prestigious hotel, in said act we made public our comprehensive services that we offer and to put the company´s image on the forefront.

Thanks to an important development of our Firm, we moved our operations offices that offer bigger comforts to our customers and staff, which has enabled us to have a growth in our image and the care to the public, as well as the job environment, integration and training of our collaborators.

Our evolution has allow our organizational structure invigorate itself, incorporating innovations in the application and working roles to optimize resources, which are used in the developing of a marketing plan and we will soon have an area specialized in human talent that will be a new services line.

It was the year to externalize the technical capacity of our professionals in the development of executive seminars, conferences and technical workshops on the treatment of International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS, International Auditing Standards - IAS and, on fiscal matters of Ecuador .

Our constant evolution allowed us a generational change so that our operative structure becomes dynamic, incorporating the use of a Software "DATEV SINFOPAC AUDIT" that is an integral platform of German development, designed for the audit work that uses operating systems and application programs of Microsoft. This system evaluates risks and qualification of internal control, provides the elaboration of audit programs and interrelates risks and materiality, support evidences, documents and working papers.

At the beginning of 2018, we developed digital infographics about accounting and auditing issues, these are share in our social media. We continue with this way of digital communication and it is a way of communication with our followers. In the last semester of 2018, we began with greater force in an out-office training project and it has purpose is to protect ourselves as an independent line of services for the Firm.

We obtained international representation with Allinial Global and we get too the certification of the Superintendency of Companies (SCVS) to audit stock market companies.

The global pandemic (Covid 19), forced us to repower our services and provide talks and seminars via zoom, as well as the first international event with the members of the Allinial Global network, which allowed us to connect internationally with the offices in the US, America Latin and the Caribbean.



We are members of Allinial Global (AG) is an association of auditing, consulting and accounting firms with offices in the United States and around the world.

This representation allows us to have a wide range of resources and provides us with support that benefits both our Firm and our clients in key areas, such as:

- International connection.
- Information technology.
- Communities of Practice.
- Learning and development.
- Practice management.

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John Hidalgo

Partner Director

Ingrid Quimis

Audit and Securities Market Manager

Anthony Flores

Manager of Audit and Technological Innovation

Our Values


Financial Audit

An effective advice under our audit approach will provide clear and practical recommendations that allow companies to achieve their objectives.

Internal Controls

We will provide the Internal Controls´ study and evaluation, for the detection of discontinued controls or the ones that do not add value in the operation of business.

IFRS Application

To evaluate and coordinate the adequate application of the NIIF in the context of the adopted policies or any changes to themselves, the initial recognition and subsequent application, fulfilling the estimates, possible adjustments and the correct disclosures in the no

Agreed Procedures

This service is targeted to specific jobs in the entity’s financial information, likewise it can provide useful guidance for tasks regarding non-financial information, provided that the auditor has adequate knowledge of the matter in question and that reasonable crite

Manual Process

Our professional assistance in the development of process manuals runs according to the need and importance of standards (rules) and internal policies of internal control defined or to be defined together with the customer, in order to design and implement the developme

Due Diligence

The objective of the service of Due Diligence is to reduce the risk in the process of acquisition of a business or company by a buyer, giving that an independent and comprehensive assessment of the business and reviewing the possible existence of hidden liabilities or c

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• Mixed economy companies and public limited companies whose assets exceed US $ 100,000;

• Branches of foreign companies established in Ecuador, whose assets exceed US $ 100,000;

• Public limited companies, in commodities for shares and limited liability, whose asset amounts exceed US $ 500,000;

• Companies subject to the control and supervision of the SCVS required to present consolidated balance sheets, and;

• Public interest companies, whose asset amounts exceed US $ 500,000.

Companies must contract the external audit services of natural or legal persons that have the current certification as auditors by the SCVS.

Companies can have the same external auditor for up to 5 consecutive years and, in the case of Public Interest Companies, up to 3 consecutive years.

If the Company activity is within the activities indicated in resolution No. SCVS-DSC-2018-0008, it will be considered a public interest company, and if it also exceeds US $ 500,000, it will be required to present an audit report. external.

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Contacts Us

Email: info@auditcorporate.com
Web: www.auditcorporate.com

Quil 1 Building, Ofi. 102 first floor, Carchi 601 and Quisquis,
Guayaquil - Ecuador

(593 4) 6049787 / (593 4) 6049788

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